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When your brain is working and absorbing so much information throughout the day, it uses up a substantial amount of energy. Therefore, it’s important that we keep ourselves energized by having a good lunch. And by good lunch, I mean something of adequate nutritional value. Healthy food can be delicious if you prepare it the right way, so here are 5 ideas of healthy lunches you can take to school.

1. Wraps

Wraps are a great healthy lunch idea because you can customize it however you want. Pick a protein such as chicken, beef, or lamb, add in some healthy vegetables and beans like peppers, raw onions, tomatoes, celery, red cabbage, lettuce/rucola/spinach, broad beans, etc; and finally you can also add a light healthy sauce for instance some plain/Greek yoghurt or salad dressing. You can also add some cheese. If you want to make this meal even healthier opt for wholewheat/wholegrain tortillas rather than white ones.


2. Salads

Another healthy and filling option which you can alter to your liking. All you need is a base of some cold crispy lettuce or grains and pulses such as couscous or quinoa, and simply add whatever you please. I would suggest some sort of protein like tuna, chicken, or salmon and then any vegetable combinations which go well with your choice of protein. Maybe add some croutons and bring some oil or balsamic vinegar in a separate container so that your salad doesn’t become soggy. Obviously don’t forget your cutlery for this one!


3. Cold Pasta

Similar to a salad, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re in the mood for a plain simple sauce like basil pesto, or wish to mix a combination of vegetables, proteins, and beans, the choice is completely up to you! You can prepare this dish from the night before and keep it in the fridge should you not wish to wake up so early. Don’t exaggerate with portion size and ideally go for brown pasta as it contains a lot more fibre. And here’s a tip: if you eat pasta for dinner leave some extra, put it into a container and place it in the fridge. Killing two birds with one stone!


4. Sandwich

I know what you must be thinking; very traditional and basic. However if you think about it, you could add so many things to two slices of bread and make it absolutely delicious. Wholegrain or wholewheat bread is the healthiest option due to high fibre content. You can add a healthy spread like guacamole, bigilla, or light peanut butter, together with vegetables of your choice and even a protein if you wish. Similar to the pasta, if you eat chicken, pork or any other protein that tastes well in a sandwich for dinner, leave some extra to add to your sandwich for the following school day. This saves you a lot of time and energy which you’ll definitely want to start off the day.


5. Vegetables with dips

This is probably the lightest idea in the list and may be considered to be more of a snack rather than a lunch meal. However not everyone eats large portions for lunch this could be a great alternative. All you need to do is cut up some celery, carrots, apples, etc. into sticks/wedges and bring a small container with any dips you feel are appropriate, for instance hummus or yoghurt. The dips could be eliminated but they add a lot more flavour to plain and simple sliced fruits/vegetables.


6. BONUS- Smoothie/ Fresh Juice

A meal isn’t complete without a drink. Of course water is very important and you should drink a lot of it to keep you hydrated during the day, especially in Malta’s scorching heats all year long. Having said that, an extra healthy drink like a smoothie or fresh juice won’t hurt. You can buy many ready-made ones from supermarkets and convenience shops but the tend to have a lot more sugars than home-made ones. It doesn’t take much time and effort to make a juice or smoothie. Just pop all your ingredients in a blender and enjoy!


Do you have any more ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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