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Nowadays thanks to the internet, educational resources are endless. It has been proven that audiovisual methods of learning have deemed to be very effective. The video streaming media outlet YouTube is overflowing with tonnes of videos, among them educational ones. Some channels have really gained popularity and have helped millions of students to revise or further understand concepts. Here are 7 channels that can greatly aid you with your studies and general knowledge.

1. Crash Course

Subscribers*: 11.3 million

The goal of the Crash Course team is to make high quality educational videos available to all. The team is made up of individuals who are each specialized in different subject matters and topics. The video includes explanations from these individuals, aided with fun animations, simple diagrams and cute illustrations. This creates a more memorable visual experience. Courses are spread over a number of videos released on a weekly basis until the course is complete. Courses include History, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Film Studies, Study Skills, Anatomy, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Media Literacy, and so much more! Branching from this channel is also Crash Course Kids aimed at younger audiences.

2. TED-Ed

Subscribers: 12.3 million

The content found on TED-Ed is very diverse. Different talented educators provide lessons in the form a video with cartoon animations that depict what the teacher is explaining. The plethora of videos are about Ecology, History, Engineering, Health, Literature, Mythology, and Artificial Intelligence to name a few. This channel belongs to a family of other TED channels which mainly comprise of 20 minute talks about several matters.

3. Khan Academy

Subscribers: 5.87 million

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that aims at providing no-cost, top-notch education for anyone, anywhere. The videos are similar to a classroom experience; therefore a teacher providing an explanation whilst writing key words and main points on the board. The best way to browse their videos is through the playlist page where you can see their array of very well-organised videos divided by subject and then further sorted according to topic. Subjects include Mathematics, Science & Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, History, Computing, and Economics & Finance. More resources are available on their website. Khan Academy also has a kids’ channel for younger students.


Subscribers: 9.41 million

The duo made up of Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown created this YouTube channel with the intention of “making science make sense”. They do this through quarterly videos which explain things that happen to us, things around us, and what happens if we make use of certain items. Apart from the scientific aspect, they also explain from the psychological aspect too. They take a fun approach to explaining science through experiments, song parodies, and quirky whiteboard animations.

5. Amoeba Sisters

Subscribers: 736 thousand

This YouTube channel is solely about Biology. Two sisters (one of which was a high-school Biology teacher) produce these comedic and entertaining educational videos with the intention of making learning Biology a fun and memorable experience. Their videos are in the form of cartoons and give life to the basic and boring black and white diagrams students are used to at school. The material covered is mainly aimed at Secondary and Sixth Form students, however they may also be used as an introduction to university Biology.

6. minutephysics

Subscribers: 5.12 million

With short videos of simple animations, Henry Reich explains makes easy anything related to Physics. The videos are short and deal with proving Physics theories, interpreting concepts, as well as explaining what goes on in our daily lives through Physics. Everything is simplified in such a way that even non-Physics students can grasp the topic. A great aid for tests and exams, as well as to boost your general knowledge on how the world around us works.

7. Computerphile

Subscribers: 1.75 million

Computerphile discusses anything related to computers and computing. Their videos comprise of well-informed individuals explaining and teaching about coding, programming, encryption, data analysis, artificial intelligence, operating systems, computer memory, how devices work, and so much more. It is the perfect YouTube channel for any tech gurus or students who are studying Computing, IT, or anything along those lines. It is also great for those who wish to gain a better understanding of the computing world.

Do you use any other YouTube channels to help you out when studying or revising, or simply to broaden your general knowledge? Let us know in the comments below!

*Subscribers up to the date when the article was written.

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