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No matter how long you’ve been going to school for, the first day back after the summer holidays is always full of excitement, tension, and confusion. This is especially the case if you’ve just transferred school or you’ve advanced from primary to secondary, secondary to sixth form, etc. Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts to help you relax and prepare yourself for this most-awaited day of September/October.

1. DO be yourself

A common thing for someone to do in a new environment is to try become like those around him/her. While this may work out for you in the beginning, it doesn’t last long. The students and staff want to meet and get to know the real you, not photocopies of the same popular kid. If you are yourself, everyone will like you for who you genuinely are and not for some fake act used to impress. This will help you to find others you share common interests with as well as to make real friends.


2. DON’T dress inappropriately

Most rules aren’t exactly clear on the first day of school. Whilst mistakes are forgiven, it’s better to dress on the safe side. That means try to avoid very tight, revealing or ripped clothing, or clothing items with explicit/controversial words and/or images. In the case that you have a school uniform, make sure it doesn’t fit too big or too small, and that it is worn in the right manner. It is understandable that clothing is a form of expression and identity, however it is recommended to play safe until dress-codes and rules are established.

School Uniform

3. DO take all necessary items with you

Preparation is key. The first day of school is already overwhelming enough, not being equipped for it makes it even worse. Make sure that you have bought all your books, any stationery items you may need, and that your school bag has all the staple items which you require. Although you’re bound to find someone to lend you a thing or two in case you’re caught without them, you may be a bit shy to ask on your very first day. It doesn’t look good on you either. If you still need to get yourself organized for the next scholastic year, check out this article to help you out!

School Supplies

4. DON’T be shy and reserved

Whilst I am completely aware that this is easier said than done for some people, it is definitely something vital if you want to survive school. This doesn’t mean that you should stand on the cafeteria tables and break out into song, but other simple things such as participating in class discussions and activities. The more social you are, the greater the chance of making friends and being included. Let your peers get to know you and put yourself out there. No harm can come from that!


5. DO go with a positive mindset

Everything is all in our heads. If we already start the school year with a negative mindset it can’t get much better. Just like with everything else you need to think optimistically and assure yourself that everything is going to be just fine. I’m not saying to be unrealistic and in denial, but to appreciate all the positives the school year will bring with it; new friends, amazing experiences, great laughs, memories to last a lifetime.


6. DON’T make a bad first impression

Although this applies to every day of school, first impressions are more important than we think they are. There’s always time to redeem yourself, however our first impression of someone always tends to stick. I’m not implying grand gestures and butt-kissing galore. Just simply being polite, friendly, and helpful towards your peers and teachers. Avoid using foul language, fights, and being too outspoken.

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Do you have anything else in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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